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Decentralizing Finance, Tokenization & Money Legos

A Virtual Event Hosted by AREA 2071


Putting our 2 in 2020. Decentralizing Finance, Tokenization & Money Legos by Dubai Blockchain Center & AREA 2071.


19 May 2020. In Celebration of the two year anniversary of launching Dubai Blockchain Center in Area 2071.


Educate our community about Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

What's Next for Blockchain

Footage from Dr. Marwan Alzarouni's Keynote speech at the opening of the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai in November 2019.

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fbs promo

FBS 2020 Interview

A promotion video for the Future Blockchain Summit 2020.


WBS Taiwan Keynote

World Blockchain Summit Taipei, Taiwan. 25-26 April 2019.

Visit Trescon's World Blockchain Summit.

WBS 2018 Dubai

WBS Dubai 2018 Keynote

Our CEO Dr. Marwan Alzarouni delivers the keynote at the Dubai Edition of World Blockchain Summit that took place on 24 - 25 OCT 2018.

WBF 2018

World Blockchain Forum 2018, Dubai

Decrypt Hour

Decrypt Hour

The live version of our Official Partner Podcast "Encrypted". This is a multi-part video. See Part 2 here. Visit our Podcast page here for more.